Nina Geraghty

I arrived at the studio with that end-of-year feeling: jangled, a bit demotivated, weary.

There were 10 other women. A huge array of baskets and boxes organized into different types of dried fynbos; so many variegated subtle colours, shapes and textures harvested from our incredible Cape floral kingdom: Proteas, Ericas, Restios, some green, spiky yellowwood leaves, silvery blue penny gum.

Wire circular frames.

And we began to weave festive wreaths.

None of us had ever done this before; once Nicky had taught us the techniques though, we settled in. Underneath the lively chatter and laughter, a quiet peace entered the room. Our hands moved with purpose, interest, aliveness. Unique creations grew as fingers twisted and wove patterns, beauty into being.

I left feeling gently energized, my mind rested and restored while my hands had produced a lovely thing of joy.

This was more than just a simple act of creation; it was doing so collectively that gave it the power of remedy for our fractured lives. Working with our hands in a group (cooking, crafting, knitting, sewing, weaving, making music) seems to calm the mind and mend the spirit. https://lnkd.in/dd79tQ2j

Wishing us all a peaceful holiday.

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