Switched On Thinking



Do you regularly have the experience of being deeply listened to when you’re talking about something important to you? Do you feel genuinely heard and seen by the other person in your conversations, perhaps even inspired by how present they are to you?

If you have, you have experienced something rare. What usually happens in our culture is you will sense the person you’re speaking to is not so much listening, as waiting eagerly for their turn to speak. You will feel subtly rushed, the other person may give unsolicited advice and the moment you pause for breath, they will leap in with their own views or worse still, interrupt you mid-sentence to tell you about their insights and experiences.

When your thought processes are interrupted, you get derailed and lose track. Where was I? Where was I going with this? You wonder... usually we just let it go.

There are studies to show that neurologically, an interruption is experienced in the same way as a slap in the face!

The Thinking Environment is a modality of coaching that was developed - and continues to be developed - by Nancy Kline. She has published several popular and immensely readable books on the subject and launched an international coaching community since she began teaching and consulting in 1984. Its fundamental premises are:

"The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first.

The quality of our thinking depends on how we treat each other while we are thinking."

Followed by the observation that we ourselves have all the answers we need to solve our particular dilemmas and problems within us. However, this coaching is unlike any other kind of coaching you may have experienced. As a Thinking Environment coach I will be:

paying you generative attention and focus. Being in the presence of generative attention is known to accelerate neural connections and leaps in your thinking. What is generative attention? Go to FAQ
creating a safe space for you to think, feel and speak inside of, where you will never be interrupted
inviting you to consider what outcomes you’d like to achieve in our sessions together, asking incisive questions that will catalyse your thinking and shift you into a new and vital sense of self with a clearer perception of the path ahead of you.

There’s significant research that demonstrates how the human mind is ignited by questions.

As a result, you will find your own independent thinking will be deeper and range further than you have ever gone before. It is not unusual for my clients to say: “wow! I’ve never had that thought before!”

The Thinking Environment is for you if:

you’re on the cusp of change of any kind – whether it’s personal, professional or a life change like moving, getting married, divorce, children leaving home, retiring – and you need to think through your options or explore your feelings
you want to make a decision or choose a path
you’re wanting to change something about yourself – to start doing – or stop doing - a particular thing
you want to ‘eavesdrop’ on yourself; find out what your true thoughts and feelings are about a specific thing or situation, know yourself more deeply.
want to ask me something?

It may appear unstructured, but the Thinking Environment (TE) session has strong underlying principles and an almost invisible structure that guides the process throughout.